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Paying Tribute to John Dingell: One of America’s Most Respected Politicians

John Dingell Jr. was an American politician who devoted much of his life and career to helping others. As the longest serving member of Congress, Mr. Dingell spent decades in office fighting for his constituents and working towards bettering the lives of the American people. Over the course of his 59 years in office, he sat on different committees and was instrumental in the passing of several major acts including the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and more recently, the Affordable Care Act.

Mr. Dingell cared deeply about the people in his district. While working towards the clean air legislation, he made it a priority to also protect the many manufacturing jobs held by members of his district. He strived to help all Americans while ensuring the voters who elected him had a leader fighting for their interests.

After his passing in February 2019, Verheyden Funeral Home was tasked with the honor and duty of helping pay tribute to one of America’s most respected politicians. Understandably, arranging and coordinating the funeral service for such a high-profile individual would be no small undertaking. The staff at Verheyden Funeral Home worked diligently to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Mr. Dingell’s funeral was not your typical service. As is often the case when a politician passes away, services were planned for Dearborn, Michigan where Mr. Dingell resided as well as in Washington. After the service in Washington, Mr. Dingell was buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Large crowds were expected at both services including politicians, their aides, Secret Service members, and the general public.

In order to ensure everything ran smoothly, the Verheyden staff prioritized communication and planning between the different agencies. First, the service in Dearborn began at the Dearborn-Ford Community & Performing Arts Center. After preparing the body and casket, a police escort led the hearse carrying Mr. Dingell from Verheyden Funeral Home to the venue where the visitation was held.
The following day, the casket was transported to Church of the Divine Child in Dearborn where large crowds were expected. This was a very busy day to say the least. In addition to notable attendees on hand like former Vice President Joe Biden and other serving and former politicians, inclement weather impacted travel plans and the start of the service. When the service finally began, 1100 people had filled the pews to honor Mr. Dingell and say goodbye.

Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered the eulogy for Mr. Dingell. During the eulogy, Biden spoke of Dingell’s character and the impact he had on others both in Washington and at home.

“…Dignity was how John walked. Dignity was how John talked. Dignity was how John carried himself. It was how John treated everyone and I mean everyone”

After the hour and forty-five-minute service ended, the casket was transported to Washington by military transport. Upon arriving in Washington, a hearse transported the casket to the US Capital complex where it passed by the senate before stopping at the House of Congress. Both past and present staff and politicians lined the steps of the House to pay tribute to Mr. Dingell. The following day, a service was held at Holy Trinity Catholic Church where former President Bill Clinton spoke about Dingell.
Upon conclusion of the second service, Mr. Dingell’s casket was transported to Arlington National Cemetery for burial.

As a token of gratitude for his work, Verheyden Funeral Home’s owner Brian Joseph was awarded the Medal of Freedom.

Being responsible for arranging a funeral service for such a notable and respected person is no easy task. Brian Joseph and the staff at Verheyden Funeral Home were instrumental in helping honor the legacy of John Dingell. The staff worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail was accounted for. From the police escort to the visitation to the final burial in Arlington National Cemetery, the logistics required for a service of this size required advanced level planning and preparation.

Mr. Dingell was beloved by the people of Michigan and the Verheyden team went above and beyond to make the service meaningful for family, friends, and the general public in attendance.