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“The Same Always To All”

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Heritage of Our Funeral Homes in Detroit, MI

Founded in 1908 by Charles Verheyden, the firm was set up in a home on Field Avenue in Detroit, which mostly served as an office and a place to keep equipment. In those days, almost all funerals were held in the home of the deceased.

This arrangement lasted only a couple of years, because during Mr. Verheyden’s apprenticeship, which he served at the prominent Frank E. Campbell Funeral Parlor in New York City, he could see customs changing.

In 1910, he built one of the first funeral homes in Detroit at 7330 Mack Avenue, near East Grand Boulevard. This building served the firm for 30 years. In 1941, ground was again broken, this time the firm was moving to the present Grosse Pointe location, again due to Mr. Verheyden’s foresight to recognize the trends and needs of his clients.

We Are One Of Few Funeral Homes in Detroit Families Trust

The new home, possessing the dignified charm of Early American colonial architecture, was opened in February 1942. The furnishings for the Early American theme, suggesting a luxuriously furnished eighteenth century home, created the “homelike” atmosphere for which we have been repeatedly complimented.
Public acceptance of Verheyden’s service and facilities was responsible for the large expansion program that was finished in 1951, making the building more than twice its original size.

The last additions to be completed were the sunken parking area, the two porte-cocheres, and the new operating room that is by far the finest in the country.

The landscaping of our grounds has always been of great importance and the firm has received first place awards for many years from the Grosse Pointe and Eastern Michigan Horticultural Society and the Grosse Pointe Park Beautification Committee.

Now over a century old, the firm is universally renowned as the finest of any funeral homes Detroit built and a top funeral home in all of America. Visitors and fellow funeral directors come from all over the world to admire the beauty of its appointments and design.

Mr. Verheyden was a native of Grosse Pointe having been born at what is now Lake Shore and Cook Road. In addition to being founder and President of the firm, Mr. Verheyden was active in community and organizational affairs. Among them, he was President of the Grosse Pointe Business Men’s Association and was a founder and President of the Michigan Mortuary Science Foundation that raised funds for the new Mortuary Science Building at Wayne State University.

The Crest of Verheyden Funeral Homes in Detroit

The Verheyden crest was first used in 1951. Atop the crest itself is a fleur-de-lis, and in the lower panel is an early voyageur scene, emphasizing the French influence that had been Grosse Pointe’s since the earliest days. The three stars in the upper left panel depict geese on the wing, a scene common place to the Great Lakes region. A cross connects all three panels. The ribbon appearing beneath the crest contains the words, “Bonue onimum ad omenium idem est,” which translated means “The same always to all.”

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