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Grosse Pointe

16300 Mack Avenue

Risko Chapel

7100 Michigan Avenue

Don Graham Chapel

“The Same Always To All”

Duross – Weitenberner Chapel

28499 Schoenherr Road

Clinton Township

43300 Garfield Road

Schultz Chapel

21705 Gratiot Avenue

Cantrell Chapel


About Our Michigan Funeral Homes

Verheyden Funeral Homes owns and operates six funeral homes in Michigan. We are located in Grosse Pointe, Detroit, Eastpointe, Clinton Township, and Warren.

Why Should You Choose Us Over Other Funeral Homes in Michigan?

Consistency of Great Service

Verheyden Funeral Homes believes in providing excellent service every time for every family we serve. Other Michigan funeral homes cannot match our level of consistency. This principal is something that is steeped in our culture all the way from the opening of our first funeral home. On the bottom of our crest it says, “Bonue onimum ad omenium idem est” which translates to “The same always to all”. We have throughly trained our staff to meet certain expectations and we make them accountable if service ever falls a little short of these expectations. It is this level of dedication that has led to our facilities being considered some of the most sought after funeral homes in Michigan.

Continual Support & Service

From the moment you call us to well after the funeral service, we are there for your family with anything you need. Although our main duty as a funeral home staff is to create a ceremony that honors your loved one, we have also made it our obligation to provide the support and compassion your family needs to get through the grief process.

Rich History with Growing Success

The first Verheyden Funeral Home was opened over a century ago in Warren, Michigan by Charles L. Verheyden. Today, the Verheyden Funeral Homes consists of 6 different funeral homes in Michigan. The long run of operation and expansion signals to the great success and reputation that Verheyden Funeral Homes has garnered. A funeral service is one of life’s most important events. You can rely and depend on us to care, honor, and pay tribute to your loved ones in the manner they deserve.

Building Relationships

Each time a family comes to us for our services, we try to get to know them as best as possible and we try to build a real relationship with them. Death care is a very personal service, and that is why we like to create a level of trust with each familyn we serve. The service will be better if you trust us with caring and honoring your loved one.

To us you are not just another piece of business; you are a family we care about and want to help. Each of our staff members got involved in the funeral industry because they wanted to help people, care for them, and be there for them during one of life’s toughest moments. Caring for those grieving is not just a job, it is a vocation that each of our staff members is strongly passionate about.


Verheyden Funeral Homes strongly believes in providing the client flexibility and with choices. That is why we give our clients a wide choice in services, a choice depnding on your budget, and a choice between 6 facilities.

Our Clinton Township funeral home was featured in STREETS, Clinton Township’s video news magazine. Take a look to learn more about the trusted Verheyden name and about the Clinton Township location.

Learn more about Verheyden Funeral Homes with the resources below which go into detail about our 6 locationsstaff, and our history.

Our Locations

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Our Funeral Home Staff

Over the years, Chas. Verheyden Funeral Homes, Inc. has developed a strong reputation for providing the community’s families with the most considerate, unparalleled service. This

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Eulogy of Our Founder

Charles L. Verheyden 1889-1985 Given at Mr. Verhyden’s FuneralBy The Reverend Father Jack Burkhart Charles L. Verheyden, who had lived and had established his business

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