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The Comfort of Planningphoto

'Grandpa Joe's Favorite Fishing Spot'

Grandpa Joe has always been an avid fisherman and a lover of the sea. He could spend hours upon hours drifting on the waves in his fishing boat and watching the sun glisten on the Atlantic as he casts his line out again and again. In Grandpa Joe's opinion, this is the most peaceful place in the world. This is where he would spend the rest of eternity if he had the choice.

As a matter of fact, Joe knows that he wants to be cremated and have his ashes sprinkled in this very fishing spot. He also knows he wants to leave his beloved fishing boat and poles to his grandson Tommy, who loves to fish almost much as he does.

Joe doesn't want his family to have to struggle to remember his wishes when his time comes. He also doesn't want to risk his children squabbling over what he would've wanted or fret over how they're possibly going to pay for an expensive funeral. That's why he went ahead and planned his cremation arrangements with his funeral home. His family knows that when Joe passes, all they have to do is call the funeral home to set these arrangements in motion. This thought gives Grandpa Joe and his entire family a sense of comfort and peace of mind.


Gain Peace of Mind with Pre-Planningphoto

Don't leave your family to make stressful decisions during an already painful time. When you preplan with Chas. Verheyden Funeral Homes, we'll help you determine precisely what type of services you want, no matter how simple or elaborate. This ensures that there are no surprises when your time comes.

With our expert pre-planning services, you'll receive:

  • Peace of Mind: Preplanning guarantees that your wishes will be carried out when the time comes.
  • Financial Security for Your Family: Save your loved ones a great deal of financial stress by planning now.
  • Guaranteed Prices: Pre-planning allows you to lock in services and merchandise at today's prices and avoid the rising costs of inflation.

In order to provide families with the best possible pre-planning services, we have partnered with Forethought Financial Services, Inc., an industry leader that offers the highest level of preneed expertise available.

Our pre-planning professionals will work with you to set up a preneed plan tailored to fit your needs and your budget. Plus, if you ever happen to move, we can transfer your plan to a funeral home in your new town.


The Kindest Gift You Can Give Your Familyphoto

Although you may already have pre-planned the arrangements for your funeral, have you pre-paid as well? Pre-paying allows you to lock in funeral services and merchandise at today's prices, which helps you to avoid inflation.

This means that your family won't be affected by the ever-increasing funeral costs. So, whether your time comes a year or 30 years from now, you can guarantee that your arrangements will cost no more than they would cost today.

We invite you to sit down with us to learn more about our pre-funding options. You can either take care of all your arrangements in one payment, or you can spread out payments over time. Either way, you will prevent your loved ones from facing the financial burden of paying for your funeral.

Considerations about Pre-Planning a Funeral
There are many details to think about, and decisions to be made, when pre-planning your funeral. If you're thinking about funeral pre-planning with us, we'd ask that you read this brief review of some of the issues and personal considerations behind pre-planning a funeral.
Prepaid Funeral Plans
For some, choosing between available prepaid funeral plans, in with the intention of pre-funding their funeral pre-need plan, is worrisome. That's not the case with the families we've served. They know our partnership with a proven funeral insurance provider completely guarantees their peace-of-mind.
Funeral Pre-Planning Options
Pre-planning your funeral is more than smart; it's a gift to your loved ones. Unfortunately, when it comes to funeral pre-planning it's easy to procrastinate. We invite you to learn why funeral pre-planning with us brings greater peace-of-mind to you and everyone you love.